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All files are encrypted in your browser before being sent to our servers. You worked hard, why should we get a free copy?

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Can you see what I sell?





Before your files reach our servers, they are encrypted on your device with a key that only you have.

When you share your product, you also share the decryption key as part of your product’s URL.

Unless you or someone else sends us the key, we can’t know what you are selling.

I don’t believe you.

That’s okay. It’s good to be suspicious.

We encourage you (or a trusted friend) to read our documented, source-available code for yourself to prove we’re not lying to you.

All the magic happens in one file, no surprises.

How much does it cost?

We collect only 1% on all transactions to help keep our boat afloat, the rest goes straight into your pocket.

What do you track/store?

As little as possible.

Please read our simple privacy policy to understand what information we keep.